Intermedia: Work Hard, Play Hard.

In my Intermedia course, my idea was chosen to be our group project. That’s is my contribution to my group. I find this project would be fun and possible to be executed. I and my friend decided to name our group Trailblazer. I made a logo for the team that suitable for our project theme.


My biggest contribution to our project is the stepping pad. My team entrusted me to make the pad according to my concept and design. I had to disassemble my last year’s project for the Arduino Uno and use it on our project. But it was worthwhile. The pad production went well according to my schedule and dateline. I had fun making it and through the hardship, I learned a lot from it.

One week left before the exhibition and I am looking forward to it. I hope my contributions will boost the project value. Finally, if this project receives a good response from the audience, I might consider doing the same kind of project for my final year project. Anyway, see you guys at the exhibition.

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