Week 4! 3D stuff is interesting. Learning Unity is quite challenging for me. I learnt Autodesk Maya before. The way to change the variable is almost the same. Check out my Unity experiments and hopefully it inspired you to do more cool stuff.

1. The Sphetrail

For this experiment, used Sphere shape and Duplicator. I made 4 of them and add collision component where the color change as it receive any impact. Beside that, I made the material of the shape bouncy so that it will reach with gravity variable and the terrain. To make it interesing, I add Trail Renderer  with red trail.

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2. The Twoflies

Twoflies is quite unique. From the sample given, I changed the shape and the color of the trail. The trail renderer play a big roll in this animation as it leave a long trail on their path and it’s quite amusing to see the pattern that they formed.

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3. The Scatterflies

While for this experiment, Scatterflies seem like moving in linear rotation. But as it reach at certain period, the direction of each shape changed. The color that I picked for each trail renderer make it easier to see which direction each shape moving.

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