Quartz Composer

Hi, guys! This week I learn about Quartz! I like it how it allow me to link so many input to variables of elements on the stages. Knowing this, I did some experiment using different input and make it as a trigger for certain variable.

1. The Cubass

This is my 1st experiment on Quartz Composer. I did some animation that react with sound in the background; where the audio become thicker when the sound get louder. And it is kinda cool that you can change the attribute of the shape using many type of input like sound, mouse and keyboard.

Within Replicate In Space:

2. The Galabox

Galabox is made up fromĀ  cube geometry and galaxy image. I set each side of cube with different color as a filter to the image and to show any rotation of the cube easier. The position of the cute is controlled by the mouse; where cube X-axis is controlled by X-axis of mouse movement. While, cube Y-axis is fixed. I made travelator as a background with cyan color. The depth of it also is controlled by mouse X-axis.


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3. The Hazarain

This experiment focus on particle system where I set the position based on mouse movement. As I used water drop image to get the effect of rain falling from the sky; by making the minimum size smaller than the maximum size. This way, it will show the perspective of distance from the cloud; the iterator. It’s a bit cliche to use colorless rain drop. So I set the color to be green. That’s why I give such name for this experiment.

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