Intermedia: Work Hard, Play Hard.

In my Intermedia course, my idea was chosen to be our group project. That’s is my contribution to my group. I find this project would be fun and possible to be executed. I and my friend decided to name our group Trailblazer. I made a logo for the team that suitable for our project theme….

Code That Creates: Songana

Last Week! Exhibition! As the title above, I called my project as Songana. There is no meaning to it, but I just want put some sound to the end word of ‘song’. I have completed the code and printed out the PDF file as poster. As I updated some new features to the code, which…

Code That Creates: “Interim” Exhibition

Hello, Based on the comment that I get previous week during the “interim” exhibition, I got some request on the input. Which is some of my classmates really wanna see the imagery different based on other song. It really help me a lot in improving this assignment. So, I very thankful for the comments. After…

Code That Creates: Entourage

Hi, As I finished with design of the data visualization and output, I think it is time to think where my poster can be seen in the real world. I would imagine this poster will be used to promote the song and to be eye-catching. Following are some idea on how this poster will look…

Code That Creates: Visualization

Song of the Goddess by Erutan is a beautiful song and personally, I love it even though I am actually do not understand the language. This week, I have finished visualizing the song buffer size and made a poster out of it. From the example shown in previous week, I was able to create the…

Code That Creates: Workflow

Hello! Week 8! This week, I have explored some Java code for the assignment and I found some ways to extract data from my selected source using Processing. So, I am able to recognized my workflow. My workflow start from Buffer Size data from song > Generate imagery in Processing > Export PDF from Processing…

Code That Creates: Output

Kia Ora! Based on the given choices, I chosen printed output for this assignment. I am planning to make an art from a music based on its buffer size. This method is also known as data visualization. The inspiration of this assignment is from a poster in our courses blog. I will be using Processing…


Presentation of best explorations from weeks 1–4, one exploration from each piece of software: Three.js, Processing, Quartz Composer, and Unity.


Learning Unity is quite challenging for me. I learnt Autodesk Maya before. The way to change the variable is almost the same. Check out my Unity experiments!

Diana Lange

This is Diana Lange. She is from Gera, Germany and she is a freelancer & lecture since 2013. She studied Arts up to Master level.